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Festival of the Artisan: at home
26 and 27 March 2021
The UK's best acoustic music livestreamed to your home.

Join in from home with our Festival Anthem

Entries for Sing Together are now closed. Make sure to watch the Festival livestreams on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 March to see the complete video with everyone who participated!

Sing Together with us and be part of the Festival!

We want you to help us create a huge community singalong and playalong with our new Festival Anthem, which has been specially commissioned and written by long-time artisan collaborator Kev Moore.

We've already got some special guests performing on the song - to be announced soon - but we want anyone from anywhere to join in too.

We’ve already got some special guests performing on the song and now you can join in from home, anywhere in the world as part of the choruses of the song. The lyrics are nice and easy so anyone can take part and unleash their inner musical talents. Music notation is also provided in the video too for those that want to join in that way.

Sing Together

All you need is a willingness to take part!

So, watch the video below, grab your phone/tablet and hit record and be a part of something special at the Festival of the Artisan.

Sing together! Let's bring together!
All of life's lost passengers adrift in stormy weather
Sing together! Let's come together!

How to take part from home

  • Make a video of yourself or your household joining in the choruses of our Festival Anthem "Sing Together"
  • Send yourvideo to or send via WhatsApp to+44 7548 286376
  • Don’t forget to include the names of anyone in the video so we can credit you on screen, if you want.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 12 March at 5pm.

All videos will be put together to create a mega montage of “Sing Together” which will be premiered at the Festival of the Artisan on 26 and 27 March.

Send video via email Send video via Whatsapp

Lyrics as PDF

Sing Together lyrics

Chord chart as PDF

Sing Together chord chart

Transposed notation as PDF

Sing Together parts

If you want the version of the video with a click track to playalong to, here you go!