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Festival of the Artisan: at home
26 and 27 March 2021
The UK's best acoustic music livestreamed to your home.

Steve Bonham

A storyteller, published author, and inveterate traveller. For decades, a songwriter, performer and musician. An award-winning psychologist.

Born in Derbyshire, England, Steve studied psychology and philosophy at university. He’s recorded more than ten albums, written two musicals, released solo albums The Moon's High Tide and Songsmith; and now with his compadres in The Long Road, The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart, Reliance and The American Wilderness Odyssey.

His books include A Little Nostalgia for Freedom, A Beautiful Broken Dream, How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World, and - coming soon - Stumbling Over Eden. He is the author of the Vagabond Philosopher blog and proud member of The Long Road.

"Steve writes the most amazing stories and what is astonishing is how he turns them into songs. His observational writing is probably the best there is." - Simon Birds, Country Music UK

Steve performs Friday 26 March evening session

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Wide brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 21 years on the road. A 100,000 miles and half a thousand hotel rooms. From the Berlin Wall to Atlas Mountains, from Sahara Desert to the streets of Hong Kong: a memory brewed in the long simmering soup of people and place. A man who has learned to watch and to listen, to walk and talk in the ebb and flow of meeting and parting. He is a chronicler of the human spirit in words and music.

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